February 16, 2013

Significance Movie {Let's Make It Happen}

From the Significance Kickstarter Page:

Welcome to our kickstarter campaign! We are producing Shelly Crane's novel Significance into a feature film! So far for the last four months, things have been moving so fast for us that we can barely keep up! It is wonderful and such a blessing! We have several offers out to A list actors to join the cast! They are reading the script! We should hear back hopefully asap!
As you all know, making a movie takes MONEY! lol And as you all know we are independent producers and therefor we aren't backed by a huge movie studio. We are currently working with a few investors who have asked us to raise some up front so that we can prove to them that we have what it takes to make this film a hit!
We feel with your help, we can easily accomplish that! We have the WORLDS GREATEST FANS! We love each and every one of you and thank you for all the loyalty and support.
We would love it if you could help contribute to making this dream a reality! Even a $1 donation helps so much! If we meet our goal of $50,000 then we will be able to use those funds to get the rest of our budget.
For those of you who do not know much about Significance, please read below.
Significance is based off Shelly Crane's best selling novel that has an avid, almost cult like following. She has written four novels in the series and we plan on making all four of them into films. Shelly's fourth and final novel in the series has hit #13 on the amazon best sellers list. Significance is a unique paranormal film that stands apart from the rest of today's current paranormal/SiFi films. We believe it will be the next big franchise. 
Plot Summary:

The last year of high school has been barely tolerable for Maggie Masters. After being dumped by her three year relationship with Chad, to be traded in for a football dream at UF, she has to succumb to her mother leaving for a better life. Maggie is left to pick up the remains of her fragmented life. When fate intervenes by the touch from the mysterious and handsome Caleb Jacobson, whom she saves, leaves Maggie breathless, startled and captivated. A world of possibilities soon engulf her and an ancient power that erupts within, once you meet your Significant. Bonding Maggie to a world beyond human knowledge and developing supernatural gifts that leave you wondering how much power can one human possess.

Having your support means the world to us! We will do everything in our power to make this project come to fruition. If you know us, you know that we never stop working! lol Emily and I (Candace) work until the wee hours of the night, emailing, tweeting, facebook-ing, phone calls, brain storming, cultivating relationships and everything in between. :) It is the worlds greatest job, even if it takes several hours a day!
Please visit all of our social media sites.
Thank you for taking a look at our project and we hope you can give at least $1 and if not, please spread the word!!
Much love!!
Your producers,
Candace and Emily.
Frame7Productions and Panoramik Productions

RISKS AND CHALLENGES The challenges of making a film are always finding the right cast, crew and funding. We are working very hard on building the right package so that our film stands out above the rest. We want to prove to those who might think it is not possible to do what we are trying to accomplish. We want to show the world that anything is possible with the right attitude and right team. 

Go HERE to help contribute to the movie. They only have until MARCH 4TH to raise the funds. If they don't reach $50,000 the money they have already raised will go back to the people who donated. 

And go HERE to visit the official facebook fanpage

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