February 16, 2013

Things I Learned at a #BreathlessReads Tour...

Things I Learn at a Breathless Reads Tour...

1. Beth Revis might possibly have been a raging alcoholic during her book rejection days. Thankfully ACROSS THE UNIVERSE got picked up. That might have been bad...very bad.

2. We seemed to all agree that it is a good thing Morgan Rhodes is nothing like her characters...apparently there is a lot of stabbing in her books. Hide the Ginsu knives.

3. Jessica Spotswood has the cutest handwriting and hubs thinks she needs to have it made into font. It really is as adorable as she is.

4. Elizabeth Richards has a kick arse voice. Get that woman an audio book to record...pronto!

5. Fiona Paul does not like people staring at her. Which begs to question how she has made it this far on the tour. hmmmm? Probably wasn't good I was seated right in front of her giving her the stink eye.

Next week I will present 'A Week with the Breathless Reads Authors'  Once a day I will showcase each of these great authors and have a giveaway for this...
Each of the authors signed the postcard. Plus there are 2 bookmarks I am throwing in.
So stay tuned.

Monday: Beth Revis
Tuesday: Fiona Paul
Wednesday: Jessica Spotswood
Thursday: Elizabeth Richards
Friday: Morgan Rhodes


  1. Nice! So... You had a very good time! :D

  2. Notice how I am looking through the camera, not at it? ;) I just pretend you all aren't there. Actually it got easier once I started drinking before every event ;) J/K!

    No seriously, it helps if the people are super-nice like you guys were :)