June 7, 2013


Please give a warm welcome to Dax Varley. Her book  SPELLBOUND AND DETERMINED is available now. 
Welcome to Mimi's Charms & Enchantments - a New Age shop filled with magical merchandise and colorful customers. Cam couldn't ask for a better afterschool job.

When a shady man in gray slinks in one afternoon, Cam is thisclose to calling 911. To her relief, he hurries away, leaving behind the nauseating odor of his cologne and a curious spell he's dropped on the floor. But this spell is not your average hocus-pocus. It's ancient, odd and promises Power Supreme - something Cam could definitely use to keep up her 3.9 grade point average.

But the spell requires more than what's stocked on Mimi's shelves. And acquiring each item will take some heavy teamwork. With the help of her best friend, Reade, and Zach, the high school's resident genius/nerd, Cam can't lose...unless the Gray man returns.

1. guilty pleasure?
Lifesavers Wint O Green Mints. (Yeah, I know they’re just hard lumps of flavored sugar, but I can eat a bagful a day.)
2. 1 book you could read over and over?
Just 1? Any of Stephen King’s horrors novels.  

3. fictional character you would love to spend the day with?
Tony Stark

4. one thing you cannot leave the house without?
Make-up. Without it I have that Medusa effect.

5. fav song/singer?
I listen to Top 40 so it’s changes every few weeks.

6. hobby?
Reading. It requires no heavy lifting, yet builds brain cells.

7. fave movie/actor and or/actress?
Johnny Depp

8. one place you would love to visit?
Not so much a place as an event. ComicCon. It’s on my bucket list.

9. fav food?
Mexican. (Just about anything on the menu.)

10. fav color?

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  1. Fun learning more about you!
    I am with you on 4, 6 and 10! :D

    1. Anonymous07 June, 2013

      Even 10? Not too many people state yellow as their favorite color. :)