October 11, 2013

Guest Review: PACIFICALLY YOU by Christie A.C. Gucker

I have a very special friend that from time to time will be sharing her thoughts on a few books that she has read. You can trust that Barbara will give you an honest and thoughtful review. I am so happy that she will be sharing with us every now and then...so please give her a warm welcome to the blog!!


Author: Christie A.C. Gucker

Reviewer: Barbara D.


Marine biologist Dr. Lisbeth Drake finally gets her chance to shine in the scientific world when she receives a grant from world-renowned scientist Dr. Chase Logan. With her geeky new partner and the crew of the Pacifically You in tow, they head out on a six-month excursion to study Lizzy’s greatest passion … sharks.

But is it the marine life Chase came to study or is it Lizzy? When she baits him to divert their trip to an isolated island, he quickly obliges. Their mutual attraction pirates rationale and soon they are hooked on each other. But it’s their working relationship that goes off the charted course as submerged secrets surrounding her past float to the surface.

When the sunken treasures of truth are finally blown out of the water, will Chase jump ship or sail into the sunset with Lizzy?

Climb aboard the Pacifically You for a humorous sea tale of storms, secret passion, sharks and fish puns.

Barbara's take...

I would like to preface by saying that I am a huge fan of Christie's writing. With that said, she ABSOLUTELY knocked it out of the park with this one. Fantastic read....I LOVED it!!! It is a beautiful story line filled with romance, angst and humor. 

I loved the undeniable chemistry between Chase, the geeky scientist, and Lizzy, the independent, strong-willed marine biologist. They exhibit such passion for their work as well as for each other that you just have to keep reading to learn more about them. Additionally, the loving and supportive relationship the secondary characters (Val, Tad and Jason) have with Lizzy and Chase is pivotal and definitely helps to balance and accentuate the storyline.

I must give props to Christie though. By writing this book she is bringing awareness to shark conservation as well as environmental conversation. Both very important and worthy causes. She interspersed throughout the book lots of facts, information and even a little humor about sharks. In my opinion, this makes the book even that much more fun...and interesting!!! 

Hopefully though, this is not the end of the "Pacifically You" story...as indicated on the last page... "The End...but not really". I would certainly LOVE more tales from the deep.

All in all...this book focuses on fate, friendships, love, passion and survival. It was an exciting and fun adventure...I HIGHLY recommend hopping aboard the "Pacifically You"!

Hey... My name is Barbara and I hail from Atlanta, GA. I am a married mother of one beautiful daughter and I am a book junkie.  When I don't have my nose firmly planted in a book... I enjoy shopping, cooking, watching movies and spending time with my family.

I have always been an avid reader... but I must say my craving for a good book has definitely increased over the past five years.  I, love being able to share my passion for reading and hopefully bring some attention and recognition to the many talented authors out there. The genres I enjoy the most are New Adult and Contemporary Romance.

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