November 19, 2013

New Release: HER DRAGON TO SLAY by Julia Mills

Lots of sass and the patented cock of her eyebrow have gotten Kyndel through most anything life has thrown at her. But will her moxie help when her destiny falls at her feet?
Over 100 years of honor and commitment to his ancient clan’s Guard have made Rayne the fearless leader all are proud to follow into battle. When the long foretold pull of his mate makes the calm, cool and collected Commander rush off to find the one who can complete him will he be able to save her from his enemies in time?
The chemistry between this strong-willed curvy girl and fierce warrior makes all the difference in the world where nothing is as it seems. The existence of an ancient race of honor-clad, tradition-bound protectors might be hard to accept but now the dead are coming back to life and holding a knife to her neck.
There are no coincidences. The Universe does not make mistakes. Can these fated mates defeat their greatest enemies and get their happily ever after?

Here is an excerpt....

Rayne stiffened as she took her hand from around his waist to shake hands with Royce. She looked up at him with her patented one eyebrow up “what in the hell’s the matter with you” look and scoffed. Her hand completely disappeared into Royce’s huge paw. It was such a strange sight to see his mate’s delicate hand enveloped by his brethren’s not so delicate one. Hell, Royce could palm a beach ball, after all.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Royce. I’m not sure I have turned your Commander inside out but I can assure you if that iron skillet was empty I would bring him down a peg or two.” He couldn’t deny his mate’s quick wit was amazingly sexy.
His entire group of men stopped dead in their tracks. He knew they had never heard anyone but his mother, dare to talk to him in that tone of voice. He looked from man to man and suddenly they all burst out laughing. He schooled his features, attempting to appear appalled at her remark but couldn’t keep up the fa├žade as she laughed so hard her eyes begin to water. He growled at her for good measure, “Mate…”
“Don’t you ‘Mate’ me Rayne MacLendon. I can shake hands with anybody I want to. I will not be rude and they way you’re acting is pissing me off.” She huffed and he felt his pride grow at her refusal to back down to him.
Royce got his laughing under control, “You have quite the woman on your hands there, Commander. Perfect match for you, I must say.

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