November 19, 2013

SOAR by Alyssa Rose Ivy Release Day Launch {Excerpt/Giveaway}

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Alyssa Rose Ivy's amazing new novel, SOAR, is out today and we are excited to join in the release day launch for it. SOAR is the first book in The Empire Chronicles Series and is full of fantasy and mystery. Check out what we have for you today and then enter to win in the release day launch giveaway! There's also a fantastic excerpt for you to check out below!

Here is an excerpt...

I slowly opened the door and my jaw
dropped. Standing there was a shirtless guy with a body that couldn’t be real.
Hard. Muscular. Perfect. That’s the way I’d describe his chest. He had abs that would make underwear models jealous.  My
eyes zeroed in on a few beads of sweat making a descent down his chest. When they reached his stomach, I forced my eyes up to his face.

He grinned. “So you’re why Toby
isn’t getting the job done.”

“What?” I asked, forcing my eyes to
stop looking at his chiseled abs.

“You’d distract me too.” He didn’t
bother to hide his appraisal.

I looked down and crossed my arms.
I met his eyes again and was met by an expression of humor and want that nearly
melted me.

“I’m just staying here.” I felt the
need to explain myself. If not for my sake or dignity, for Toby’s.  I promised myself it wasn’t because I wanted
this sexy guy to know I was single.

“Staying here, huh?” He smiled.
“Well, you can stay at my place anytime.”

“Do you live around here?” His
wider grin made me regret the words. “I’m just wondering. Not because I want to
stay with you.”

“I’m from New Orleans, but I have a
place here too—at least I’m borrowing it.”

“Oh. Well, Toby isn’t here.”

“You already said that.” He stepped
into the apartment. “Know where he is?”

“No. I don’t.” I took a few steps

He matched my movements, ending up
just as close to me as he was before. “No kiss goodbye this morning?”

“That would have been hard since I
was in the guest room.” I put a hand on my hip. Sexy or not, I wasn’t going to
let this guy get to me.

“Guest room? Likely.”

I could feel my blood boiling. How
was he getting under my skin so easily? “It’s true. If you’ll excuse me, I need
to get my stuff and go home.”

“Are you going to wear that?” He
gestured to my outfit, and that’s when I remembered what I was sleeping in.

I willed myself not to blush, but I
could practically feel the blood rushing to my face.

“I’m guessing those are the guest
pajamas, huh?”

“I just borrowed them… Wait, why am
I bothering to explain myself to you?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He
took another step toward me.

“I know the kind of guy you are.”

“You do? Please, tell me. I can’t
wait to hear this assessment.”

“You’re arrogant, pig headed, and
you think a girl’s just going to fall to her knees if you take your shirt off…”
To my credit, I was still standing. “Speaking of which, why is your shirt off?”

He smirked. “Why do you think it’s off?  Since apparently you’re the expert on guys
like me. I’m going to ignore the fall to their knees comment. You look cute
when you blush, but it might push you over the edge.”

ABOUT SOAR (The Empire Chronicles #1):

In the city that never sleeps the Chronicles continue…

Serving coffee is temporary, just like Casey's year off from school. She’s going to
come up with a plan to stay in New York City and go back to college, and that
plan does not involve dating a paranormal creature—let alone two.

Running the supernatural society of New York is not as fun as it sounds, especially
when you still have to answer to your ex-girlfriend’s fiancĂ©. Toby doesn’t mean
to bring Casey into the chaos of his life, but he can't resist the girl who
makes him smile when he thought no one else ever could.

Jared's in New York checking out a security risk for his best friend, the king. He
plans to return to New Orleans quickly, but not if it means losing his chance
with the brunette who pretends she wants nothing to do with him.

In over her head with a bunch of winged creatures who most definitely are not
angels, Casey has to figure out who to trust with her life and maybe her heart.

Rose Ivy is a New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with
romance and a southern setting. Although raised in the New York area, she fell
in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as
a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write.
She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she
can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

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