November 30, 2013

The 12 Days of NA Giveaway Hop! {ON CHRISTMAS HILL by Nichole Chase}

When I signed up for this hop the first book I thought of was ON CHRISTMAS HILL by Nichole Chase. It is a short story, but an amazing one. Even better, Nichole is writing more for it. Soon. But until then I hope you will give this book a go. Even if you don't win an ebook from me, you still must buy it. It is only 99cents but I can promise you this...YOU WILL LOVE IT! It is magical and oh so romantic!

You can read my review HERE

Find the magic this season. 

When Gertie Nichols passed away, her estate was given to her great niece, Molly. After making the long trek from Florida to Vermont with her dog Remy, Molly is caught off guard by the attractive groundskeeper her aunt left in charge. At first her lonely holiday seems to be shaping up to be better than expected—until Nate tells her about the Nichols family legacy and the secret of Christmas Hill.

As sparks fly and magic blossoms right before her eyes, Molly will have to decide whether to take up the mantle her great aunt’s left behind or turn her back on tradition and the man who has quickly garnered space in her heart.

And here is an excerpt that Nichole sent for the giveaway....

“It’s freezing out here.” I watched as his muscles shifted under his shirt while he worked.

“It’s not too bad right now, but we’re in for more snow tonight.”

My body shook at the thought. “You’re kidding, right? I think my toes are going numb and you don’t even have a jacket on.” Realizing that he must be freezing, I placed a hand on his shoulder and nudged him out of my way. “You should go inside. I can get this.”

“I’m used to it.” His smile made me feel a little breathless. “Is this all you brought?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here.” I pulled my overnight bag out of the back seat along with Remy’s bowls. Turning my head, I whistled and was relieved to see my dog scampering back through the snow.

Nate carried the bags from my trunk effortlessly, and even though his hands were full, he opened the door with the tips of his fingers when I got up the steps. Remy shook snow off his fur before dodging under my feet and running inside. My toes clipped his rear end, and I was thrown off-balance. I would have been fine if there hadn’t been a giant puddle of melting snow under my other foot. As it was, my body twisted in the air like a snake and I slammed face-first into Nate’s chest. I dropped Remy’s bowls with a loud clatter and placed a hand on Nate’s side to try to steady myself. He dropped my bags and slid his hands around my waist to help keep me upright.


“You okay?” His amused voice rumbled out of his chest, making my fingers vibrate. I looked up at him, heat rushing into my cheeks.

“Sorry. I’m not normally this clumsy.” I pushed away from him and ducked down to pick up the bowls. “It was a long ride. I guess Remy has some pent-up energy.”

“I should thank him. It’s been a while since I held a beautiful girl.”

I looked up into his eyes and bit my lip. Nate was smiling and there was something in his tone that made my blood warm.

“I find that hard to believe.” The words were out of my mouth before my internal filter could kick in.

“Which part? That I haven’t held a girl in a while or that you’re beautiful?” Lifting the bags from the porch, he winked at me. “Because both are true.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I smiled like an idiot. Thankfully, his back was turned, and he didn’t see my dorky expression. Once inside, I set my bags down by the door and looked around in awe. The place was much larger than I had realized. With the tasteful decorations, a fire roaring in the fireplace, and the setting sun, it was breathtaking. Turning my head from side to side, I tried to take it all in. Real garland wrapped the length of the staircase and flowed along the large mantel. The furniture was all beautiful but homey. What really caught my eye, however, was the two-story wall on the opposite side of the house with a built-in bookcase from floor to ceiling. There was even one of those rolling ladders you see in movies with castles. It took all my will power to not run straight to the books and squeal.

“Welcome home.” Nate’s deep voice rumbled beside me and I looked up into his face.

I knew I was staring again, but this time I didn’t care. “It’s perfect.”

I am gifting 3 winners a copy of ON CHRISTMAS HILL and also sending each winner some swag I have received over the past year. So you have to be US only!

Come see who all is participating on the hop...


  1. Just the Christmas' spent with my grandparents because they are no longer with me.

  2. Lying under the christmas tree looking at the lights

  3. One christmas my brother got me a little red dress with spaghetti straps . I think it was when I turned 13. It was my favorite christmas present and I felt all grown up :)

  4. Mine is spending time with my family every year.

  5. I remember when I was younger that on Christmas morning I used to wake up really early and never be able to fall back asleep. I would go downstairs with my siblings and we would sit by we tree and guess what a present could be by the shape of it. Nowadays I don't get up until 9:00AM.

  6. Christmas dinners when I was little. I miss my grandparents.

  7. Checking to see if Santa had eaten the cookies or if the reindeer had nibbled on the carrots.

  8. decorating the tree together

  9. My sister is a year younger than me and we shared a bedroom. We were both so excited for Christmas morning that we usually couldn't sleep all night. We would quietly play games and giggle and talk all night:)

  10. My son's first Christmas