December 11, 2013

ECHOS OF BALANCE by Cally Ryanne {Review Opportunity}

 ECHOES OF BALANCE, a debut novel by author Cally Ryanne, will be released in eBook and trade paperback on December 17th.

ECHOES is the first installment set in the lush and dangerous world of THE WAYS TRILOGY, which will appeal to fans of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and Tamora Pierce. Though this book was written for readers between the ages of 14-18, it has darkly rich themes that will entice more mature audiences to become addicted to the series as well.

ECHOES follows the journey of Chloe Moraine, who is part of an ancient line charged with keeping the universe in balance. As the youngest of the Naimei, Chloe usually gets the safe, mundane jobs; but when the ancient Ways of the Naimei point to the return of the Originals--ancient demons who are bent on destroying the world--Chloe jumps at the chance to prove herself--even if that means tagging along behind Aurelia, a human girl who “could be important to the fate of the universe, ...maybe.” As the Ways of her family begin to fail, Chloe is approached by Josef, a debonair vampire who knows more about the Originals then anyone should. With Josef’s help, Chloe realizes that tradition by itself isn’t enough to save the world from burning--she’ll also have to rely on her enemies, and break a lot of rules she was sworn to keep.

To schedule an interview with Cally, request an ARC (Advance Reviewer Copy) of ECHOES OF BALANCE, or apply for a spot on the ECHOES OF BALANCE blog tour, please contact Veronica Park at REUTS Publications using the information below.

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