June 5, 2014

Review: FORCED AUTONOMY, Phase 4 by Lila Felix


Author: Lila Felix

Source: ebook from author for review

The United States has collapsed. Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes. One: Citizens who have undergone forced lobotomies, as mandated by the United Nations. Two: Those who fight against their tyranny.

Petra Kingsley falls under both classes. She falls in line with the drones, pretending her procedure worked. Four years she's existed among their ranks, hiding in plain sight, being worked to the bone and starved almost to death.

Lawson is a bounty hunter of sorts. His target isn't the guilty, it's those who are lost in the folds of a broken society.

When he spots Petra working in the masses, he stops at nothing to help her escape.

But he has no idea who exactly he's helping--and who will now be hunting them both?

My take...
“Who were you before?” 
“I was me.” 
He guffawed at my response. A warm hand slid into mine and squeezed once. The feeling of his hand against mine made me want to spill my guts. 
“I was a girl. I was told what to do and when to do it. Perfection was expected from me. And then—then after everything I was told to survive.” 
“You’re not telling me something. Partners trust each other.” 

All hell has broken loose in the camp. And that is saying something considering the world they live in. The newcomers are thinning out the group. They need to get rid of those that will slow them down as they head to Georgia. And how they go about the thinning is what has everyone scared.

Lawson is all about protecting Petra. He feels something for her and has ever since he laid eyes on her not long ago. That is what I love about him. You just know that before her, his life was just existing and running around finding those who needed finding. After he found her his life took on a whole new meaning. But when a revelation about who she is and her past comes up, will he still feel the same for her? It is a pretty big revelation that will hit too close to home for Law. I can only imagine what is running through his mind.

This phase made me extremely nervous for the group. A lot happens in such a short period of time that you can't help but feel that way. I am worried for them as they head out on their trek. I am worried for those in the group that may be the next to "go". So much can go wrong. So much does go wrong. Even before the end, you have this sense of impending doom or something ominous about to happening.

This phase will definitely have you anticipating what is to come. It pulls you in and gets you all worked up and leaves you suspense. Excellent series that keeps getting better and better with each one. 5 Wow oh Wow Stars!

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