April 13, 2015

Review: HUNTED by Liz Long


Author: Liz Long

Source: eARC from author



Lucy Sullivan finally belongs with the gifted Donovan Circus. Members are finding their rhythm, even the new folks from the Grayson Circus who joined after the last attack. Lucy feels like a trusted leader who can win the gifted battles and prevent humans from discovering their existence.

When tragedy strikes camp, a distraught Sheffield sends Lucy and her gifted team to hunt down the enemy – Alex, a Chameleon with a wicked ability for war. He’s out for blood and won’t stop until Lucy and her friends are dead.

This time, it won’t be Lucy’s gift that is tested – it will be her morality. To save her circus, the price will be greater than she ever expected. This time, she will lose someone she loves. And it will change everything.

My take...

Lucy and her friends are in a constant state of looking over their shoulder, wondering when the next attack by Alex will come. During this time they have to prepare as much as they can to take him down before he can take them down. But it always seems he is 3 steps ahead. Will they finally be able to stop him once and for all? Or is this “fight” bigger than they realize? One thing is for sure…people are going to get hurt and lives will be in jeopardy.

I am still reeling from that ending. So much happens in such a short period of time...it will take some time to wrap my mind around it. I am really not sure what to feel right now. A large part of me hopes it is all one big mistake. But another knows that not everything can continue going on like it was without someone we've become close with losing their life. I feel for the reader when they get to that part. It may break them like it did me.

Yep, that ending made the story. I did love the whole book, but that ending is what impressed me most. It absolutely has me eager for what is to come and has me looking forward to reading the next book as soon as I can. Cannot wait to get my grubby hands on it. Long is a fantastic author and I enjoy the imagination she brings to life with her words.

5 Incredible Stars!

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