June 4, 2015

Interview: H. B. Clementine, Author of NOTHING BUT YOUR MEMORIES

1. Is there an author you'd like to meet?
If I could meet any author I would love to meet J.K. Rowling. Her life story inspires me to work harder in my own writing and the Harry Potter books are some of my all-time favorites. I love that, though they were originally geared towards a younger audience, Rowling created a story that was rich and had a deeper message that appealed to a broad audience.

2. Biggest writing pet peeve?
My biggest writing pet peeve is when you have a great idea in a random place, like in the shower, but when you go to write it down you can’t remember the original idea in its entirety. I could probably fill a whole other novel with ideas I’ve come up with and lost in the shower alone. 

3. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
It’s definitely harder for me to take criticism about my ideas rather than my writing itself. I feel that my writing style will grow with time, whereas ideas are something a little more intimate to me, so it always hurts when an idea gets shot down. My best friend Brittany did a lot of unofficial editing for me in the early days of the writing process. It hurt when she would call out the ideas of mine that were complete trash (and believe me, some of them were) but in the end she was always right and it helped my writing.

H. B. Clementine won the BookLogix Young Writers Contest for Nothing But Your Memories at age fourteen while attending Asheville Christian Academy. Now a junior at the nationally recognized North Carolina School of Science and Math, she enjoys writing, playing soccer, and goofing off with family and friends. H. B. Clementine is now creating a series that lights the unsettling path of the Alternation of Generation universe introduced in Nothing But Your Memories.

"I knew it. As I lie on a white bed in a white room with white light filtering in through the shade on the window, I know it has finally happened. The Shift is complete."

The radically new lifestyle of the Alternation of Generation world has more flaws than it may seem. A young woman named Mira Cobbleson has awoken for the first time in her new "body" with a feeling of unease. The Fisk, the city she is assigned to, seems too perfect to be real, but can it be any worse than the overcrowded cities and cramped apartments of life before the Shift? She stumbles upon others who feel it is worse, and they want to escape. Mira joins forces with them, and, together, they work to find a way to freedom---but their plan may be as flawed as the city they are trapped in.

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