January 1, 2016

5* Reviews: BURIED SINS & REDEMPTION by Karice Bolton

Title: Buried Sins (Book 2)

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook for review


Fletcher Security Systems has become one of the largest firms of its type in the world. Luke has mastered how to protect everyone else at all cost without dealing with his own demons. Or so he thinks.

When one of Luke’s top men is captured, he realizes the people who murdered his parents are sending a message loud and clear. He is next. As secrets are unburied, it becomes apparent these people will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they set their sights on Hannah.

My take...

Moments like these made me wonder if Luke and I were just begging for a slow and merciless end of our relationship. Could two people who were so screwed up by our pasts actually create a new beginning that was healthy? I wanted it to be so but I honestly had no idea.

This is one of those reviews that is going to be hard for me to write. Everything I want to say will be so darn spoilery for you guys. And I cannot do that to ya’ll. That would be cruel. I want you to experience everything I did when I read this book. So with that said, I will try to do what I can without giving anything away. Sound good?

So, I still love Luke as much as I did in the first book. Even when he thinks he is being the good guy and doing heroic deeds that may hurt him in the end. Ok, they do hurt him in the end. But I can't help it. He is such a great guy and I have a huge crush on him. He is caring, sweet, sexy, and really loves Hannah. But in his mind-his mind that tells him he needs to push others away-love may not be enough.

The storyline was absolutely great. When I picked up my tablet to read this book, I only expected to get though a chapter, maybe 2, before I hit the hay. That didn't happen. I ended up reading 65% of the book. I was that hooked. And I could not wait to get back at it the next night to see if someone was going to do something foolish. That person being Luke.

So yes! Read this book. Read the first one if you haven’t. Read. All. The. Books by Bolton. This lady keeps churning out the books and they are darn good ones, too. She gives the perfect amounts of romance and suspense in this one to keep the reader hanging on to every word as we try to figure out the mystery. 5 Get This Book Now Stars! Now on to read REDEMPTION.

 Title: Redemption (Book 3)

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook from author for review


The third book of the Luke Fletcher Series. Hannah has managed to put the horrors of the past behind her. To most, it looks as if Hannah Walker is living her dream. About to graduate from nursing school with honors and several job prospects in front of her, everything in life is exactly as she planned. She hopes that taking a job abroad will give her that final boost of courage to finally put behind her the fantasy of the man she once loved.

Luke Fletcher has been on the hunt for people who don't want to be found, and with every passing day away from his old life, the longing inside of him grows to reclaim the woman he let slip away. But he knows that's not possible. Not unless he's able to redeem himself to the woman and life he left behind will he find peace again. But is it too late for redemption?

My take…

Sometimes the world had something to say, and the only way to hear it was by listening to the whispers surrounding us. But this wasn’t a whisper. This was a shout. One I heard loud and clear.
Just as I didn’t think bumping into her the first time was something I could ignore, I know I need her now more than ever.

So, Hannah is taking a much needed break before she graduates and sets out on her new nursing job. Alone. Without Luke by her side. But that was his fault. He left. He left her. He said it was to protect her but now Hannah finds herself in a world of trouble all while overseas and no one will miss her until it is too late.

So much excitement to found in this series at every turn of the page. Not once was a bored with any part of it. It also had this wallop of suspense that flowed flawlessly throughout the entire series. Yes, a wallop. Because when you think that certain things may rectify themselves, something big was thrown on us. Hence, wallop.

This story –this series- has been one of my absolute favorites of the year. Especially this one. I have loved them all, but this is the one that held all the answers that I have been searching for this whole time. We finally get it all!! All the clues have led up to this one moment and in the end it left me happy and satisfied. Yep, this book was fantastic. All the suspense…all the romance…and all that justice in the end. I was a smitten kitten and so glad I was able to read this one.

Must read. Definitely recommend. Go get it if you haven’t started it. 5 Stars!

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