January 1, 2016

REVENGE by Sonya Weiss {Excerpt/Giveaway}

Release Date: December 22nd 2015

Lyrical Press

Summary from Goodreads:

Their love is a ticking time bomb. 
Juliet Sawyer was born to save the world. Gifted with incredible powers, she’s the only one standing in the way of The Great Extinction, the prophesied battle between Supernaturals and humans. In order to keep her sister safe and avenge her father’s murder, she’ll have to infiltrate the ranks of the Supernatural leaders who wish to destroy her. But the one thing she didn’t count on was falling in love…with someone who wants her dead.
The gorgeous and dangerous son of one of the Supernatural leaders, Riley West is in charge of training the group for war—now including Juliet, whose father is responsible for killing his family. But the more they train together, the more intensely their passion for each other burns. The deeper Riley is drawn in by Juliet’s beauty, the closer he gets to the secrets she keeps: one that will challenge everything he believes in—and one that could lead to her death. Together, can their forbidden love help stop the war? Or will one of them be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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Excerpt #3
Mr. Sands approached us to show us what part to read next, and when he did, I got a weird feeling about him like I was in danger. Something in the teacher’s eyes reminded me of a Ragespawn’s eyes, an ancient enemy of ours, the Tazavorn species. I dismissed the thought as quickly as it came. That had to be impossible. Ragespawn lived only in our galaxy, not the human one. Surely the human authorities would not have granted asylum on Earth to our most vicious enemy.
Riley edged closer to the teacher, putting himself between Mr. Sands and me. “Back off,” he said in a low, commanding voice.
The two locked eyes and Mr. Sand muttered, “Get out of my way.”
A pulsating power as swift and deadly as a laser flew from the center of Riley’s palm. The power zipped past the teacher to a speaker high on the wall.
A low creak sounded above Mr. Sands’s head, and he quickly turned. The mounted speaker flew from the wall and knocked the teacher’s copy of Romeo and Juliet from his hand, pinning it to the floor in a tangle of wires and a cloud of dust. Most of the dust settled on top of his scrub brush hair while some of it coated the white cement walls.
Silence reigned except for the ticking of the clock.
Mr. Sands’s hands shook slightly, and he frowned, first at the yawning hole in the cement and then at me. Suspiciously. Like I’d caused the accident to happen. He took a step closer and pointed a finger at me, clenching and unclenching his jaw as he searched for what to say. Then he grabbed my arm tightly, his fingers biting into my flesh. I winced from the bruising grasp.
“Don’t touch her.” Riley used his shoulder to bump Mr. Sands and released another jolt of his power at the same time, forcing the teacher to take a quick step backward.
My heart stuttered. While the humans knew we had power, they weren’t supposed to see it. Our leaders had sworn to the human authorities that we would not use our power against them. Another lie waiting to blow up in the humans’ faces. The truth was the leaders didn’t want the humans to witness our power. They were afraid it would be photographed and uploaded onto social media sites where the human authorities would analyze it and devise a way to conquer us when the war came.
“Juliet Sawyer!” Mr. Sands pulled the book from beneath the speaker with a grunt and dusted the cover off. He grabbed my arm again more painfully than before. “You’re coming with me to the principal’s office.” It would be easier if I went along with Mr. Sands for now. That way, if I had to use my power to defend myself, no human bystanders would be hurt.
“I’ll kill you,” Mr. Sands said, speaking low so that only Riley and I could hear him. His nasty breath wafted across my face.
Before I could react to the threat, Riley released a stronger jolt of power, and it wrapped around Mr. Sands.
His face paled, and his right arm flailed for the old metal desk, waving madly like it wasn’t part of his body. His torso did a crazy twist and arch.

Sonya Weiss is a freelance writer, ghostwriter and author. She's addicted to great books, good movies, and Italian chocolates. 

She's passionate about causes that support abused animals and children. Her parents always supported her bringing stray animals home although the Great Dane rescue was a surprise.

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  1. Hey! Sounds amazing!!!! I've been looking for a new book to read when I've read almost every supernatural book out ther plus fan fiction. THANK YOU!