October 19, 2016

5* Review: CATCH ME IF I FALL by Daniele Lanzarotta


Author: Danile Lanzarotta

Source:eARC from author for review


Alec and Skylar are not the typical small town couple; in fact, nothing about them is ordinary. Within just a few months, they helped one another overcome their worse fears, and tragedies that no one should have to deal with.

Now, they face new challenges. As Alec leaves for college, Skylar’s parents’ concern for their high school daughter dating a now college guy, becomes the least of their problems. When a relationship grows into something as intense and overwhelming as theirs, emotions are heightened, jealousy emerges, and lines are crossed.

Can a love that intense survive a long distance relationship with the added drama caused by ghosts from their pasts?

My take...

I was so very happy to be back with Skylar and Alec. Their story in the first book was one of love and tragedy. So much happens in their short lives that sometimes you had to ask "what else is going to be thrown at them?" Haven't read it? Well, stop reading now and go get it. Now!

If you continued on reading, I am assuming you read SUDDEN HOPE and loved it as much as me. I knew when I finished SUDDEN HOPE there was more story that had to be told. And how right I was. Skylar and Alec may have had it easy since we last left off, but things are about to get a whole lot more emotional and a lot more hectic. Tears will be shed, turmoil will be endured, love will be questioned. It will be something they will have to work through and fight for if they want to make it. The question in the end...is it all worth it?

Mercy!! Can these kids catch a break? Even with all the other mess they have been through; more gets thrown in their face. Time and time again. Whether it be concerned parents, tramps that don’t understand the word no, or weirdo stalkers, these two have a lot of hurdles they have to overcome. Luckily with some time and help from their friends (even a new fabulous character) these two will have much support and love to get through it.

CATCH ME IF I FALL was an emotional read up until the very end. Seriously. The. Very. End! But I was pleased with the ending the author gave us. It wrapped up a fantastic series perfectly and had me smiling through some tears as I closed the book. 5 Stars!!

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