January 19, 2017

Another 5*Read: THE KEEPER by JL Bryan #Review

Title: The Keeper

Author: JL Bryan

Source: eARC from author for honest review


The South Channel lighthouse is a crumbling antique at the mouth of the Savannah River, abandoned and forgotten for generations. Local stories still tell of a mysterious woman in white who often stood at the old lighthouse, watching the sailors come into port...even long after she died.

Now the property by the lighthouse is owned by a famous movie star in search of a remote beach getaway on sleepy Tybee Island. Unfortunately, old ghosts haunt her new retreat, stirred up by the construction of a luxurious new mansion. Ellie, Stacey, and their team must remove the ghosts, who grow more dangerous and aggressive every night, threatening the lives of the client and her family and personal staff.

The lighthouse has a dark history, with many ghosts, and mysteries to unravel before Ellie can send them on to the other side.

My take...

THE KEEPER was absolutely fantastic. Here we are, 8 books in, and I have yet to be bored by this series. With each book there is always something new that keeps me coming back to it. I cannot get enough of Bryan's ghostly stories and his fantastic imagination.

Now while this one wasn't quite as scary as the previous ones, there is so much going on in Ellie's personal life that made this book interesting and a major page turner. Not only does she have to do her day to day job with her new boss, but she is also trying to track down a ghost from her past that wants her dead. She is also experiencing lots of new found trouble with said new boss. So you see...lots of drama to keep you entertained and invested. But I will say it did get really creepy in the end. Definitely worth the wait throughout the story.

Like all the books in this amazing series, I look forward to what is to come for Ellie. 5 Stars!!

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