February 18, 2017

5*Review: SUBWAY STOPS AND THE PLACES WE MEET by Mindy Hayes & Michele G Miller


Authors: Mindy Hayes & Michele G Miller

Source: eARC from authors for honest review


On June 18, 1992, Flight 397 crashed off the coast of Long Island, claiming the lives of all on board. Cole and Samantha, two strangers who randomly meet one year later at a memorial for the crash, both lost loved ones that day.

There are over seven million people in New York City.
One random encounter is called chance.
Two is coincidence.
Three? Well, baby, we call that fate.

Subway Stops is the second book in the Paper Planes series co-written by Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller. It can be read on its own, but we recommend you read them in order. This is a PG-13 adult contemporary romance.

My take...

When I finished PAPER PLANES and found out there was going to be a book 2, I was over the hill excited. But I wasn't sure that the magnificent duo, Michele and Mindy, could pull off another fabulous book within the same series. A book that could give me the feels that PAPER PLANES did. But let me tell you...THEY DID AND THEN SOME! These beautiful ladies gave me...well all of us...a book that shook me to my core. A book that brought on the feels. A book that had me giddy with anticipation every time I picked it up. A book that I believe is better than the first. Yeah, I said it. Better. Than. The. First.

Now, while this book wasn't as deeply emotional as the first, I was entranced by it still. It had me smiling and mentally cursing the characters all within the same scene. I wanted and needed for some of the characters to work through their grief a little faster than they were because I could see the best thing to ever tumble into their world walking out the door if they didn't do it quick enough. But I wasn't expecting one of those characters to be so determined to stay. To see this love through to the end. I honestly don't think they did either. I think they were content in having this person in their world however it may be. Confused yet? Yeah I tend to do that to people. But I think once you read this book you will be like, "Oh yeah, I get her now. I see what she was saying."

Cole wasn't one I was too crazy about from PAPER PLANES. We saw bits and pieces of him in that book, but he really came to life in SUBWAY STOPS. And I fell so hard for him. Seriously hard. Like insta-love connection with him. He is the sweetest, most kindest guy out there in the book world at the moment. And Sam was..well she had her moments of driving me insane. But it all came together once we see what she has been through. And then she would dive right back into driving me insane again. All in all, she is still a great character, just has some issues to work through.

SUBWAY STOPS was such an amazing story with a beautiful, unfolding romance that captures you up into a warm and caressing hold. You will not want to put it down. Like at all. It will torture you to be away from it for very long. So get on it now and see what all the fuss is. Oh, and Amber gets her story next!! I am so looking forward to reading that one. 5 Stars!!

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