February 17, 2017

5* Review: GODS OF THE DEAD by Tracey Ward

Title: Gods of the Dead 

Author: Tracey Ward

Source: ebook bought on Amazon



The Fever took hold of Portland first. They tried to contain it. They built barriers, brought in experts, promised cures. But the day they flew in bombers and burned Portland to the ground, the rest of the world knew:

There was no containing it.

Soon panic spreads with The Fever, consuming everyone and everything in its path. Humanity is crumbling, the dead are rising, but out of the
remnants two men will emerge.


My take...

It's a trick that won't work forever. The power will go out, the alarms will be useless, and people will get desensitized because we'll learn that the threat behind the alarms isn't real anymore, that the cops aren't coming. I should be happy that it worked and that they're running, but what I'm thinking as I watch them clear the fence and disappear back out into the night is that this is the start. This is the moment when it stops being easy, stops being about sitting around inside with Sienna and waiting for it all to pass us by, and starts being about surviving. About fighting for what's yours.

This book really kept my attention. But it wasn't until I was half way through, did I realize I have already met Trent. I met him in WRITING ON THE WALL, from the Survival series. Of course, I have read so many zombie books since then; it's easy for them to run together. But it was nice knowing there was a familiar face from the past, shedding new light and a different perspective on the story.

Now, GODS OF THE DEAD isn't what I normally look for in a zombie read. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how the author shared about the start of the epidemic and the chaos. But I am one of those that need a romance in my books. A zombie story is no different. But even though this one didn't have but snippets of romance here or there, I still enjoyed it as it fit this book perfectly. Also, this author has a way to her writing that you immediately become hooked.

I look forward to hopefully reading more in this series and also heading back to the Survival series so I can see what comes of Trent and Joss. Death, zombies, and learning to survive...GODS OF THE DEAD is great read!! 5 Stars!

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