August 24, 2017

5*Review:THE GIRL WHO PUNCHED BACK by Angel Lawson


Author: Angel Lawson

Source: Kindle Unlimited


Three months have passed since Alexandra traveled through the wasted death fields to reach her sister, Jane. There’s no resemblance to her former life. No college. No best friend. Her mother is dead. Her father and her friend, Cole, toil away in the labs of her sister’s research facility, working to create a vaccine for the virus that ravages the living.

Hope for a cure is dampened by the growing society Jane has developed. Armed troops fill The Fort, and the only way Alex knows how to keep an eye on her sister is by joining the elite Fighter army led by Wyatt, a mercenary and deadly soldier. Some days, Alex considers him a friend. The rest of the time, she’s unsure where his loyalties lie. The truth is, Alex isn’t always sure about herself, either.

All Alex wants is to right the wrongs of her sister’s dangerous meddling, but Jane has bigger plans than vaccinating the survivors. Alex and her allies quickly learn that rabid cannibals are not the biggest problems facing mankind, but at what lengths will they have to go to save the world?

My take…

“I think everyone needs to be careful. It may feel like the world is gone, but it’s not. We’re in a battle for the future and right now we have the leverage, the vaccine. But that also means it’s a liability. It means we will have enemies coming for it. For us.”

I couldn’t wait to start this book. And it seemed like forever and a day before I could crack it open. But once I started I couldn’t put it down and I finished reading it the very next day. Then I immediately started book 3. I did, however, wanted to take a few minutes to show my love for this book before I get back to reading. THE GIRL WHO PUNCHED BACK is incredible, gruesome and has me so very obsessed. It’s one of those series you never want to stop reading.

I am totally team Wyatt. And also a bit team Cole. I love them both for many different reasons. But my heart of hearts wants Alex to end up with Wyatt. And if you are saying “Sigh. A love triangle?”…no, not really. But the author did do a surprisingly good  job giving us options with the romance,without having it feel like we had to choose.  When I read a book, even about zombies, I need a good romance to go with it.  I feel that even if the world was withering away, people still need something like romance to tether them back to their former selves before they become completely lost to the death and destruction all around them. And I feel Lawson did that with this series.

This book did drive me insane in a entirely wonderful way. I would read and try to figure out how they would get out the current mess they were in...and they found themselves in a lot of messes. There was also the whole trust issue. Alex and her new friends had to figure out who in this new world they could trust. It ends up being a very small circle. But all this intrigue and mystery was what I loved about the book. It kept me going and my interest piqued.

THE GIRL WHO PUNCHED BACK was absolutely amazing, perfectly paced, action packed and even pulled at my emotions so many times throughout.  Like I mentioned earlier, I had to start THE GIRL WHO KICKED A**  immediately. So obviously this series is addictive. Now go read this series if you haven’t yet and let me get back to book 3. And then book 4 and so on. 5 Obsessed Stars!

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