February 28, 2018

5* Review: LUCKY IN LOVE ON HOUND ISLAND by Karice Bolton

Title: Lucky in Love on Hound Island

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: KU


Tiffany Bailey is in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love with a boy who has chestnut hair, glistening white teeth, and sparkling brown eyes. He’s adorable and makes her heart melt off of just one look. He has given her everything she’s ever wanted. There are just a couple of problems. First of all, he isn’t hers, and the second issue is that he has four legs and doesn’t talk much.

In all seriousness, Tiffany has never found that one person who makes her stomach flutter with delight, her cheeks flush from a heated glance, or her pulse spike from just one touch, which is precisely why she thinks love isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…much more effort than it’s worth, really.

Or at least she believes that until Billy comes crashing into her world or was it the other way around?

One thing she knows is that Billy gives her every reason to blush and make her heart rate race with thoughts that had never popped into her head before. Thoughts she needs to squash immediately, especially since he has quite the reputation for collecting lots of phone numbers.

The one thing Tiffany refuses to do is lose her heart to a man who is incapable of real emotion, but a little bit of harmless flirting can’t be that bad, right?

Billy’s life is changing at lightning speed. His business is booming. He has franchises opening up across the Pacific Northwest, and he clearly doesn’t have time for love.

Except he just can’t get Tiffany Bailey out of his mind.

She’s beautiful, charming, and holds a zest for life that makes his world seem a little more exciting. But life isn’t that simple, especially his. He holds too many secrets and an inability to love. No big deal, right? All Billy knows is that in his world, Tiffany is off limits.


Although, maybe having a little fun wouldn’t hurt anything.

All books in the Island County Series can be read as standalones.

My take…

Do you have that one author that no matter the reading funk you are in, his or her books are a sure fire way to pull you out and spark that love again? I would have to say that Bolton is that person for me. That one author, with whatever book of hers I pick up, I am going to find a fantastic story, beautiful romance, and a whole lot of heart between the pages. I have yet to find a book of hers that I haven’t loved. Each one igniting something in me when I read them and leaving me smiling at the end.

Since we first met Billy, he has always remained an enigma, a mystery. He is quite funny and sweet as can be. But you can tell there is something there that’s deeply hidden. And since that first meeting, I looked forward to getting to know him better and him finally finding love. Then in walks Tiffany. Or actually flailing is a better description. From the moment of their first encounter, nothing is the same. Both seem to question their reasons for not dating and both cannot stop thinking about the other.

I absolutely, wholeheartedly ADORED this story. I loved every bit of it. All of it. These two have a sudden chemistry between them that only intensified the more they got to know one another. They found the one person that challenged everything they believed. Even the belief that they could have a little fling without it amounting to anything. Ha! As if!

LUCKY IN LOVE ON HOUND ISLAND is a beautifully crafted, completely endearing, don’t-miss-out-on-your-chance-at-love kind of story. You will find hard to put down but easy to love. 5 Charming Stars!

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