October 12, 2019

3* Review: ZOMB-POCALYPSE 5 by Megan Berry

Title: Zomb-Pocalypse

Author: Megan Berry

Source: KU


Life hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows since the zombies showed up, but at least Jane has always had people to lean on, someone to watch her back, and save her when things start to go bad- but what happens when all that gets ripped away in a cruel twist of fate?

Following Silas’ instructions are usually paramount to staying alive, but what is a girl supposed to do when they don’t coincide with what your heart is telling you to do instead? There is no way Jane can run back to the safety of the cabin without first trying to figure out what happened to the others.

There is no question about her intentions, but has Jane actually learned enough to survive by herself, or will these moment’s alone be her last?

My take...

I skipped so much of this book. And I really hate saying that but after 4 amazing stories prior, this one was just meh. It seemed like Jane was doing the same thing over and over and it became so repetitive. I was bored.

And once I finished, it said book 6 would be out in June of this year. Its October. After reading reviews I knew I got myself in a pickle with this series.

Y’all. This pains me. I have invested time and emotions into this series. I have rated each book 5 Stars. But with this book I am thinking more along the lines of 3 Stars. Hopefully the author publishes the next book soon. I am dying to know if they make it out alive. 3 Stars.

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