October 12, 2019

5* Review: ZOMB_POCALYPSE 4 by Megan Berry

Title: Zomb-Pocalypse

Author: Megan Berry

Source: KU



The bitter cold of winter settles over the mountain, sweeping through the zombies and freezing them solid where they stand. A welcome reprieve, but Jane and her group of rag-tag survivors aren't out of the woods yet. It's a struggle for survival for Jane and the others, who are out of touch without modern conveniences like electricity and heat. This causes a steep learning curve for the group, one with deadly consequences if they fail.

The weather isn't the only thing causing dissension within the walls of the cabin- the discovery of immunity to the zombie virus has the group divided on how to move forward.

Living with other people can be difficult during the best of times, but trying to hold it together in the apocalypse, can seem impossible.

My take...

My review may contain spoilers for those that have not read the previous books.

Jane and her family know death and heartbreak. They have seen it and felt it far too much since the start of the end. Zombies have taken and taken. But now that winter is here and holding strong, they are facing a new kind of survival. Sure the zombies are frozen but now they have to make it through the coldest of nights and snowfall after snowfall. Will they live to see if the cold ends this nightmare once and for all? Or will Mother Nature claim Jane and her family into her earth before the land thaws?

If we thought the hordes of zombies in the last books was bad, we haven’t seen anything yet. Mother Nature can be a real B. And she ain’t playing up on their secluded mountain. Hardship after hardship plagues each of them. No one is immune to the battles they face and survival takes on a whole new meaning.

So much happens in this one and my mind is still trying to wrap itself around that ending. I am not sure how they will find a way out. I just have to keep telling myself they always do. Berry has written a fantastic series and the only thing I can find fault in, is with myself and how quickly I finish each book. 5 Stars!!

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