March 29, 2012

Review: The Last Dawn by Christina Lasater

Title: The Last Dawn

Author: Christina Lasater

Source: ebook from author for review

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from The Last Dawn.

The Last Dawn begins in late 2055 during the last few days of Earth. As Earth's demise is imminent, Madison Weatherly and her former flame, James, reunite. Only a few hours remain for life on the dying planet when the entire population is dispersed throughout the universe. As Madison tries to adjust to a new life on a new planet and far away from her love, the desire to be with him never wavers. When an unexpected opportunity comes to leave her planet to find him, Madison takes off on a risky adventure through the galaxies.
My take...
After reuniting, James and Madison are once again ripped from each other lives and sent in different directions of the universe. But thanks to a new friend, Madison will travel time and space to find her one true love. Will she be able to reunite with James for good? Or will someone stand in her way of true love?
Do you remember that Twilight Zone where Earth was inching closer to the sun and people were literally dying of thirst? Yeah that’s exactly what I thought of when reading the prologue. Ah, so creeptastic! How weird would it be to have to pack up and leave Earth for an unknown planet that will become your new home? Yeah, extremely weird.
I really enjoyed this short read and want to thank the author for the chance to read her book. I adored it so, so much. I am not a huge fan of Sci-fi, but I did find myself enjoying The Last Dawn quite a bit. I loved her writing, her characters and the storyline was great. Lasater packed in a lot of story to this quick read. 
The Last Dawn is a read that any sci-fi lover will enjoy…and maybe pique the interest of you
non sci-fi peeps.

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