March 30, 2012

Top 10 with Author Michelle Warren

Please welcome Michelle Warren to the blog today. She is the author of Wander Dust.
1. Favorite Movie?
I love, love Robert Downey as Sherlock Holmes.

2. One book you could read over and over?
I've read Twilight and the series a million times.

3. Who would you like to meet (dead or alive)?
Amelia Earhart because she's awesomely brave and also Martin Scorsese. He doesn't know it, but I need to chat with him about making Wander Dust into a movie.

4. Favorite Song and/or Singer?
Honestly, this changes weekly. But my go to  peep is a little retro and slightly embarrassing—George Michael. I know, I'm dating myself, but "Listen Without Prejudice" is a really awesome album.

5. One place you would love to visit?

6. Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate and writing

7. Pet peeve?
Being told what to do. :)

8. Favorite Food?
Did I already say Chocolate?

9. One thing you cannot leave the house without?
A mini bottle of hand sanitizer.

10. Hobby?
Reading, travel, and drawing

LOL! Love that you need to have a sit down with Martin! And sad that there may be a few out there reading this that would be like "Who is George Michael?" hahaha

Want to look up Michelle? Here are her links...

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