March 14, 2012

Top 10 with Author Gregory G. Allen

Today's Top 10 guest is Gregory G. Allen. He is the author of Patchwork of Me, which is due out April 15th.

1. fav song/singer? This is truly a hard question to start with. I listen to everything from pop, rock, country, musicals to easy listening. My taste change depending on my mood. (That MUST say something about me as a writer.)
2. fav season? Fall. Hands down. I hate the cold - but I love when the air is crisp and you just need a light jacket.
3. worst vacation? A weekend in the Poconos to a country house I used to own. (Notice word 'used') The pipes had frozen and when thawing them out, water went everywhere and then the fireplace backed up and smoke came all inside the house. Wasn't a good weekend at all.
4. guilty pleasure? Reality TV. I think I need a 12-step program to get away from it. I watch 'em all. From Mob Wives to Top Chef. I get sucked in to the marathons.
5. fav book and/or author? Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Also love John Irving.
6. one item you cannot live without? iPhone. It is my phone, computer - lifeline.
7. hobby? Travel. Love to go on cruises. Also reading and going to the theatre.
8. fav movie/actor/actress? (Now you see my sentimental side.) Somewhere in Time is my favorite. Love that movie and even wrote a musical based on it years ago (that never saw the light of day.) I love how Johnny Depp is not afraid to play such different roles (much like I enjoy writing in different genres). I think Meryl Streep is the most amazing actress of our generation. Is there nothing she can't do?
9. fav food? Chipotle chicken bowl. Yum!
10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) I'd love to travel back to the 20s and be a part of Dorothy Parker's group of writers at the Algonquin Round Table. To sit and listen and learn from the remarks and wit of the playwrights, writers, columnist of that time - now THAT is a group I'd love to share a lunch martini with!

What great answers!! YES, Meryl Streep is pretty amazing!! I do love me some reality tv. Haven't watched Mob Wives yet, but my sister loves it, at least I think that is the one. ;)

So want to get in touch with Gregory? Here are his links...

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