March 21, 2012

Top 10 with Debbie Viggiano plus a Give@way!!

Today we have Author Debbie Viggiano on the blog for her Top 10. I will soon be reviewing Flings and Arrows for her.
But today I am going to give you a chance to win a signed copy of Flings and Arrow and a beautiful flower pendant. But we will get to that after the interview.

1. Fav song/singer - so many but right now it's Adele and Someone Like You. Who cannot fail to have their heartstrings tugged by those lyrics!
2. Fav season - that's tough. I love winter because it means I get to go skiing and expend loads of energy and adrenalin. But equally I love summer and lying horizontal on golden beaches where the only energy used is lifting a cold drink to the lips.
3. Worst vacation - when the children were very small and money was tight, we booked to stay at an incredibly cheap British seaside resort for one week. I won't name the place because I don't want to get sued! But upon letting ourselves into our 'suite' we were dismayed to see grubby bedding, grey walls covered in scribble, and let's just say that the bathroom was beyond grim. We immediately checked out and drove home!
4. Guilty pleasure - oh it's got to be chocolate!
5. Fav book and/or author - There are a lot of fabulous authors out there but the one who always has me squealing with delight when she announces a new book is Catherine Alliott.
6. One item I cannot live without - my computer. Where would I be without Facebook, my emails to friends, on-line Scrabble, the newspapers, reading....the list goes on.
7. Hobby - Well on a daily basis I love going for very long walks with my pooch no matter what the season. It's wonderful exercise, other dog walkers always stop to chat plus my pooch is a great friend!
8. Fav movie - I like movies that are light-hearted, fun and make me laugh. The one that meets all this criteria is Meet The Parents. I just cringed all the way with Ben Stiller!
9. Fav food - I like food too much to have a favourite! However, if pushed to make a choice I'd say I definitely love a good Italian. So much so that I married an Italian! (No, he wasn't the waiter!)
10. Who would you like to meet (dead or alive!) - Without getting too deep, I'd like to meet the ultimate being - the one who made this world and everything around it. I'd like to pull up a chair and say, 'So what's it all about then?'

Get in touch with Debbie here...
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Now how about that giveaway?!
Fill out the form and I will draw a winner Sunday the 25th!!

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