April 16, 2013

Review: JUST BREATHE by Heather Allen


Author: Heather Allen

Source: ebook from author for review


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Ever Harding, an average teenager with a passion for swimming is about to turn eighteen. Out of the blue she has been dumped by her longtime boyfriend, which is the ultimate of tragedies in her life. Little does she know that on that fated eighteenth birthday, she will have to make a choice that will change her life as she knows it, forever.

A month before her birthday, Ever meets Jack, a mysterious new boy with mesmerizing eyes. He affects her like no one else. This meeting sets things into a whirlwind she never would have dreamed. With Jack's guidance she discovers a family line that leads her to the sea. She must make the ultimate choice, stay on land where life as she knows it, won't change, or go and live in the sea as a mermaid with Jack.
Ultimately her choice sets into motion an even bigger decision, in which she has the fate of a race of people, in her hands. The people in the sea are in a feud, she will tip the balance. She must battle the ageless moral dilemma of prejudice and race. Once she comes to terms with her life changing choices, she must ask herself, did I make the right decisions? And Is Jack really who I think he is?

My take...
Ever has just been dumped. So the year her and Michael were to rule the school has been squashed the minute he says he wants a break. How could she know, in the midst of her depression, that her savior would be soon entering her life. From the moment Ever makes eye contact with Jack she is taken. Those gorgeous blue eyes do something to her and she loves the warm feelings he brings about when he smiles at her. But Jack is a bad boy with a police record. Her friends and brother want her to stay far away. Only thing is...she can't. She won't.
Days before her 18th birthday, Ever learns she will have to make a decision that will greatly impact her life: stay with her family on land or go live in the sea as a mermaid. The choice is one that is thrown upon her and she must make a decision quickly. But Jack and Gam-ah leave out crucial information that might have sealed the deal and helped with her choice. Since the choice has been made, Ever must make the best of it and just deal with it. It is not going to be easy, but Ever is bound and determined to be with the one she wants. Sea/Land laws be darned. Sheesh. What has she gotten herself into?
This would have been a rather quick read for me, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer last night when I went to finish the book. No. Definitely not the book or the author's fault. It was all on me. Because this book was so good and had my attention throughout. I like the author's writing style and it was easy to fall into. Such a good read. And since it is about mermaids I knew I would just adore it. There is just something about mermaid stories that I go crazy for.
I really liked Ever’s character in the story but her parents are a little odd for me. Or maybe I am a little jealous my parents weren’t like hers; barely batting an eye when she calls them after being gone missing several days. I think they would have been a bit more believable if they acted a bit…I don’t know…parental?
I liked where the story went and how the plot played out. I think with how it ended was the perfect way to lead into the next one. Readers are going to be a flabbergasted with the ending and will be itching to know what happens next. I know I am eagerly anticipating what happens to Ever, Jack, and James. So much could happen…so much could go wrong…and what about Alex? Hmmm??!! Guess we will just have to continue on in the series to find out. 

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  1. This sounds great, Mandy!! Great review, and I also <3 books about mermaids :) I've had a mermaid story on the brain to write. Soon, soon, I hope.