August 12, 2016

5*Review: LIGHTNING FORGOTTEN by Lila Felix


Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC for review


Theo and Colby are running for their lives. 
They now know the true enemy. Sanctum's pursuit is constant, and it begins to take its toll on both Colby and the Eidolon. Colby grows weaker each time she flashes, while the Fray's beckoning is driving Theo to madness. 
If they can make it out alive, it will be a miracle. 
Their bond will be stretched thin; their sanity stretched even thinner. Enemies become allies, and a brother's journey to revenge comes to its snapping point in the last chronicle of the Lucent series.

My take...

And if Sactum thought he was in trouble before- he was really in hot water now. There was a gang of Lucent women on his tail.
Pissed off Lucent women. 
Women whom he had stolen their very essence from.
And it was well know what they said about hell having no fury... 

Picking up where we left off, Colby and Theo are running from Sanctum, Theo's brother they once believed to be dead. Turns out, not so much. He is alive and well and wreaking havoc on the Lucent’s. While on the run, both Colby and Theo realize that they are getting weaker, Colby more so. With a little help from some new friends and protectors, they go in search of what is slowly wasting her away. Will they be able to discover what is killing her before it is too late? Only the story’s end will tell. 

Sacrifice is the name of the game with this final book of the series. Everyone is this story gives up something. And it is way more than a lot of us would do. My heart broke so many times. And at one point I wasn’t sure if it would be mended back together. I feared so much and wasn’t sure if the author was going to fix it. It really had me on the edge of my seat and had me imagining a future without some characters. I couldn’t fathom it. 

And romance. Just when you think there wouldn’t be a whole heck of a lot (when you are slowly withering away, that tends to not be top priority) there is a scene that rocked me to my core. Yes, I doubted Felix for a short moment in time. And that will definitely be the last time. I should have known there was romance hidden somewhere for us readers to relish in. Even if it was the bittersweet kind. 

But the storyline and all the juiciness that springs forth from the pages of this book is what kept me coming back time and time again when I had to step away from it. And unfortunately, with my life lately, it was quite a bit. But I finished it and I loved it. So much happens in this steady paced, suspenseful read. 5 Stars!!

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