August 11, 2016

FLIRTING WITH DANGER by Ellie Eden #Rio2016 #DangerInRio #ThrillerRio

GO TO RIO!! #Rio2016 #DangerInRio #ThrillerRio
FLIRTING WITH DANGER - Romantic Suspense set in exotic, dangerous Rio de Janeiro!
FLIRTING WITH DANGER is addictive, suspenseful, intense, original and difficult to put down. If you love stories that are suspenseful, action-packed and enthralling, then give this one a try - THE ROMANCE REVIEWS TOP 1000 REVIEWER

This is a story about love and relationships, intertwined with kidnapping, murder and loads of suspense. This novel will appeal to readers of crime thrillers, as well as those who read romantic suspense fiction.

When Michael goes on a photographic assignment to Brazil and fails to return, Kristi and her son fly to Rio de Janeiro, desperate to find him. Instead she finds that during the cold New Jersey winter, her husband has spent his time in steamy chat rooms with Nara, a young woman desperate for attention and involved in the Rio drug world. 

As she searches for Michael in exotic but crime-ridden Rio, Kristi finds herself way out of her league. She turns to Italian-Brazilian Federal Agent Tony Lamazzo for help. As the harsh truth of her marriage brings a dose of reality to her life, she finds the temptation of getting closer to the strong, capable—and totally hot—Tony difficult to resist. She's in Brazil on the Day of Dead, a day when Brazilians go wild. Why shouldn't she go wild with Tony, for just one night, before returning home to start the new life alone she'll have to learn to make for herself? 

But when her son vanishes too, Kristi doesn't know where to turn. Michael's affair with drug-dealing Nara has exposed them all to the murderous wrath of a ruthless drug lord, and while she longs to trust Tony, she can't trust his powerful and politically corrupt family. But in the dangerous slums and rainforests of Brazil, the danger mounts for both Kristi and her son, and a cold-blooded enemy has an agenda of his own. If she trusts Tony, she might save her son. Or it might just get them all killed...

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