September 6, 2016

5*Review: LULLABY by JL Bryan


Author: JL Bryan

Source: eARC from author for review


Life is more difficult than ever at Savannah's only ghost-hunting detective agency. While Ellie copes with her mentor's departure and other unwelcome developments, she also worries about the supernatural injuries keeping her boyfriend caught in an endless slumber. 

At the same time, Ellie and Stacey are called in to investigate an eerie entity haunting a baby's nursery room. The ghost appears late at night, its face barely visible on the baby monitor, and sings a chilling song. 

Soon, Ellie learns there are more ghosts in the house, and at least one of them is a dangerous, child-hunting monster who must be stopped before it kills again.

My take...

Can we start this review off by saying BOOK # FREAKING 7!! I cannot get over the fact that we are this far into the series and I have yet to be disappointed. Not once I have I thought it was time for Bryan to move on away from these characters and plot. In fact, with the shift involving the new management, there is no telling where this series could go. And how is it not a TV series yet? Seriously.

I’ll be the first to say I hated what Bryan was doing with bringing in a new management and retiring Calvin. I didn’t want to hear about it, think about it, or read about it. But I gotta say, some crazy crap happens and has me eager to read more about certain characters. So, maybe it’s not all bad and something good may come from all this. I’ll guess we will all find out soon enough as the series continues. Please God, let it continue on for a long, long time.

Once again I am wowed by Bryan and his creepy imagination and his ability to lay it all out on paper is such a wonderful way. He spooks me, he wows me, he has me craving more!!! This is definitely a must read series! 5 What the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks Just Happened Stars! 

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