September 6, 2016

Now Live: HIDDEN TRUTHS by Kristin Coley {Excerpt/Giveaway}


Hidden Truths

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 1st 2016

A missing boy...a girl haunted by answers. 

Addie's kept her ability secret her entire life. When a local boy goes missing though she's forced to expose herself as she enlists the aid of a suspicious hero to chance a harrowing rescue. 

Jake's determined to resist the crazy girl asking for help but can't when he realizes she knows more than she should. He's forced to keep her safe knowing her knowledge could get her killed if the wrong people found out. 

Their reluctant alliance will unearth secrets that push them towards a dangerous situation neither could have anticipated. 

Hidden truths never stay hidden for long. 

A paranormal romance/mystery novel. 

Some situations may be inappropriate for younger readers.

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I felt a twinge of guilt at my lie but it wasn’t like I could explain yesterday’s events to her.  I distracted her by asking about our history assignment.  We had a few minutes before the bell rang so we hung out in the courtyard as she went over it with me.
I knew who it was as soon as he wrapped his arms around me. If nothing else the look of shock on Carly’s face would have clued me in.  He turned me around, his lips on mine before I could process his intentions.  I felt his hand against my pocket as he pulled back, giving me a wink before walking away.
“Oh my God.”  Carly said in shock.  I touched my lips, the faint impression of his still lingering.  That wasn’t how I thought my first kiss would happen but I also never could have imagined it would feel that way either.

He hadn’t said a word but I knew what he intended.  I put my hand in my pocket feeling the phone there.  He had declared his intentions by kissing me in the courtyard and anyone who hadn’t actually seen it would know about it soon enough.
I adore chocolate chip cookies, romance novels, and alone time. I live in south Louisiana with a collection of rescued dogs and cats. All of who are the loves of my life and well aware of the fact. Spoiled would be a good word to describe them. Writing is currently a hobby since it doesn’t pay the bills but my fond hope is one day I can consider it a full time job. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Currently I spend my days wrangling tech guys in my job as an IT manager. I squeeze writing in between reading plus a million other things like cleaning. Guess what usually wins? Btw, I need to clean my house. 

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