June 15, 2017

5*Review: HAPPY TRUTH ABOUT LOVE by Karice Bolton


Author: Karice Bolton

Source: eARC from author for honest review


After receiving a rather odd inheritance from an uncle she barely knew, Autumn Tucker decides to do something she’s never done before. Instead of overthinking what’s right in front of her, she embraces the freedom of the unknown and the thrill of leaving everything behind and moves to the small mountain town of Silver Ridge.

It isn’t until she arrives at her late uncle’s Bed and Breakfast that she begins to doubt her newfound ability to throw caution to the wind. From the moment she opens the barely hanging front door and steps inside to see peeling wallpaper and a broken banister, she realizes this inheritance might not have been a gift at all. Her uncle had to be using the term Bed and Breakfast loosely in his will because it was more of a deathtrap than anything.

But she does love her new town.

And the overly helpful Joel North, who is exactly everything she’s told herself to stay away from. He’s gorgeous, somewhat mysterious, and he’s sprinkled with the power to make Autumn blush off just one look, which is completely unacceptable in the real world, but she just can’t help herself.

What Autumn doesn’t expect to uncover are secrets that change everything she’s known about her family and the life she’s led. It doesn’t help that Joel seems to hold the answers to some of her darkest questions and there’s one he just won’t answer.

As she rebuilds the old mansion, she realizes her uncle’s real gift wasn’t the B&B, but the truth that rested behind its walls.

My take...

The happy truth about love was that love made Autumn feel better. She loved to give love and receive it. Love wasn’t meant to be unkind or awkward or forced.
Love wasn’t about sadness and deceit. It was about happiness and light.

From the moment I started this book I was sucked in. There was something about it; like it held this magical claim over me. Even though it is a contemporary romance, I felt something almost supernatural lurking behind the walls of the old Bed and Breakfast. I felt the secrets whispering to be heard and it called to me as well as the characters. I had this need to read whenever I had the chance and hated when I couldn’t. It was one of the greatest feelings a book could give a reader.

HAPPY TRUTH ABOUT LOVE is a spin off from the Island County Series. One of my most favorite series ever. And when I started this one, I realized I never read the last one to that series yet. In that book we are introduced to the first of the North boys, Kyle. I must rectify this problem immediately!

At the beginning of the book we meet Joel North. And it is quite comical how it all unfolds. He steps in to save the day with his new neighbor, Autumn and her, umm, friend? But all the drama sure made for an interesting start to a new series and getting to meet another one of Bolton’s fabulous men. Joel is caring, funny, charming (definitely charming)…he is the complete package and I just loved him.

I adored Autumn’s spunky little self just as much. Not only is she trying to restore the old Bed and Breakfast, she is looking forward to her new adventure in Silver Ridge and seeing where this new relationship with Joel may lead. Along the way she is piecing together bits and pieces of a life she had shut off from her and the secrets she uncovers will explain much of her family’s past.

HAPPY TRUTH ABOUT LOVE was so absolutely amazing and most definitely alluring. It was fun and it was romantic. It held my attention and beckoned me when I was away. Bolton has put me under another one of her bookish spells with this stunning and delightful new series. I look forward to who all gets a story and what will come from it all. 5 Stars!

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  1. That's a pretty in depth synopsis 😮 sounds cute though!