July 19, 2018

5* Review: HEAVEN BEFORE HELL by Dia Cole #zombies

Title: Heaven Before Hell

Author: Dia Cole

Source: KU for Kindle


On the eve of the apocalypse…

Twenty-year-old Lee Walker is struggling to make ends meet in the aftermath of a worldwide flu epidemic. Her life is complicated by a dangerous drug lord who can’t seem to take no for an answer, a sister who can’t keep herself out of jail, a close friend who wants to take things to the next level, and a coworker who’s nasty pranks are no laughing matter. But when people start turning into zombies, Lee realizes the only thing that matters is saving her family from a world rapidly devolving into hell.

This novella is a prequel to the Heaven in Hell series.

My quick take…

I read this book after finishing the first 4 in the serial. In those first 4 we got glimpses of what Lee’s life was before. But with HEAVEN BEFORE HELL we get the whole story. Who was Reed to Lee before the end? What happened to Lee, Eden, and Reed before Dominic found them with their name on that mysterious “list”? How did the end form their lives at the start of this new world?

I am still happy that I read those before this one. It was like I knew a somewhat happy ending was coming. I didn’t have to hold my breath with worry that things may go wrong. It still surprised me and it ended up being a great addition to this series. 5 Stars!

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