July 20, 2018

5*Review: A FUNNY THING ABOUT LOVE by Karice Bolton

Title: A Funny Thing About Love

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: KU for Kindle



Emilia Hudson has never been one to consider arranged marriages, especially if it meant her fifty-five year old parents would have a say, but with her dismal love life, she’s almost reconsidering.

After her latest dating disaster, Emilia writes a simple blog post that goes viral. Worse yet, people start considering her a relationship expert, and all she feels like is a fraud.

As the emails and speaking engagements start rolling in, she realizes her only option is to take the bull by the horns and run with the unexpected fame.

What she doesn’t want to do is talk about the real reason why she won’t ever fall in love again.

However, when she gets an offer she can’t refuse from a major publisher, that’s all they want her to write about, but It isn’t until she meets the man behind the proposal that she realizes why…

My take…

We met Emilia at the end of A LITTLE SECRET ABOUT LOVE when she came back to town to help Dina and Sam with their newly formed relationship. Who knew then what a fantastic story could emerge thanks to this meetup about love? Actually I did. I knew Bolton could make a love story come together from just about anyone she set her mind to it with.

As always, Bolton graced her loyal readers with yet another beautiful romance. A romance that, like all her other books, quickly pulls you into these amazing towns with the equally amazing people. Falling so hard for their stories.

I loved getting to know Emilia and Josh so much so in this read. Their story was one of hurt and pain. One of trying to overcome the past. It tore at me seeing all that still lingered between them was at their reach if they both just tried. Maybe then they could get back to that place of love before she tore it all apart.

Her words magical, her writing on point, and her stories enchanting...I  never want Bolton’s books to end. They leave me with an eagerness and a pang for the next books to come. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in Silver Ridge. 5 Stars!

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