September 17, 2018

5*Review: THE MONSTER MUSEUM by JL Bryan


Author: JL Bryan

Source: eARC from author for honest review

Just outside the small but colorful mountain resort town of Foxboro, Tennessee lies Dr. Weirdman's Mountain Museum of Monsters, Curiosities, and Ancient Mysteries. Once a major tourist attraction, it offers travelers the amusement of touring unusual underground caves and pseudo-scientific exhibits ranging from strange creatures to the supposed artifacts of lost civilizations.

Now the museum is a crumbling relic of an older age, fallen into disrepair. Its longtime owner has died, leaving it in the hands of a younger distant relative who knows nothing of how to run a failing tourist trap of a museum, but who is desperate to make a living and provide for his own children.

The museum has a serious ghost problem, though, and Ellie Jordan is called in from Savannah to help. An unexpected old friend joins Ellie at the last moment so that they can spend a snow-filled Christmas together in the mountains...if the ghosts of the restless dead don't turn the holidays into a horrific tragedy.

My take…
Ten books into this series and I am sure by now I am sounding like a broken record with my love for it. But guys, this was another fantastic addition to this phenomenal series. I mean seriously. 10 books in and it continues to gets better and more creepier. I honestly cannot see an end in sight and that is fine by me.

I think I have loved this one more than the others because we saw a new side of Ellie. She is questioning a lot of her life choices and the direction her life has gone. Would she have chose a different path had Anton Clay not have interfered in trying to burn her alive and killing her parents?

We also have Ellie and Michael talking again. Will they be able to work things out since Michael broke up with her? Or will his sister cause trouble for them? I really loved all that transpired in this book between the two of them.

I loved the whole idea this story surrounded: a museum full of monsters and oddities. It was simply fascinating. I did, however, miss Stacey and Jacob not making an appearance. Here’s to hoping we see them in the next book.

5 Stars!

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