October 3, 2018

5*Review: INSTAURATION by Sarah Lyons Fleming


Author: Sarah Lyons Fleming

Source: eARC for honest review


The final book in The City Series is here!

Sunset Park is gone. People are missing.
Sylvie, Eric, and the other survivors have crossed the water to the security of a new Safe Zone, where they hope to heal their battered hearts, amass an armory, and get back at the ones who took it all away. But with zombies on the move and few resources to speak of, it’s harder than expected to plot their revenge. For some, it’s harder still to garner their resolve, since vengeance means more of them will die.

But safety is ephemeral in a city where food is short and tensions are high. It seems fate may leave them no choice but to fight—and perhaps die—to restore their city to a place they can call home.

My take…

We did the right thing by coming here. We did the only thing by coming here. If we’d stayed in Brooklyn with no food, surrounded by zombies, we’d have started the slow crawl to starvation by now. Hardly any ammo, few weapons, fewer people. Kids. It was the right thing. Maybe if I tell myself that enough, I’ll be able to piece together whatever scraps of my dignity survived Walt’s deceit.

I am not sure how much I am going to be able to tell you all about this amazing book without trespassing over onto spoiler ground. But I can say that I have waited patiently and not so patiently for this book and it has been well worth it. It’s not a quick read by any means, and I think anyone who has read this series and waited for this release will be thankful for that fact.

From the very first word to the very last,there is a lot that happens and you will be swept up into Fleming’s amazing apocalyptic world. Seriously. So. Much. Happens. There is love, betrayal, heartbreak, death, and joy. There is uniting of loved ones and tearing apart of friends and family. There is celebration of newness and there is mourning of lives loss. It will get you in your feels and have you reading until you cannot read any longer. It will have you picking up your book at any all chances you have. It will consume you so much you will feel as if you are in this world when you are not reading. It is that consuming.

My heart stayed in my throat through most of the story and my nails have seen better days. But the emotion that this book alone has brought forth will forever be in my heart. I have loved these characters and these books since the beginning. And I can only hope we get another glimpse in the future as to how they are doing. 5 All The Stars!

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