October 2, 2018


Title: The Adventures of Mist: Finding Koala Gardens

Author: Becca Boucher

Source: Book for review


Follow Mist, a young koala, as she loses her home and learns about a few other dangers posed by co-existing with humans.
Experience the rapture of the discovery of a safe haven provided by a human who still remembers why our animals and environment are important.

Come along on an amazing journey and fall in love with nature.

Delight in the beautiful watercolour illustrations by an Australian artist who experiences the native bush, and test your skills by looking for Ditzy the dragonfly in each image.

The first book in a series that will capture the hearts of children from ages 5 -10 (but start reading it to them much younger for they will enjoy the images and flow of the story even then) as they learn more about how to live sustainably with each book.

Interact with the website to learn more detail of the real situation of climate change, the environment and the importance of ecosystems. There are interactive activities there, and a Parent/Teacher guide to make the most of the concepts presented through the stories.

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My take…

While taking a small break away from my regular reads, me and my daughter, Pay, dove into this wonderful story of Mist the koala. Mist and all her friends travel to find a new home after their home was suddenly taken away from them. Along the way, Mist meets new friends and together they go in search of Koala Gardens.

From the start of the story, Pay was intrigued with Mist and her attention stayed glued all the way through. Something that tends not to happen very much now days with my child. She is a very energetic 3 yr old and hates to sit still for very long. So kudos for that, Ms Boucher. Other than the held attention, we enjoyed the story and all the animals. It was so very cute and entertaining.  

An added bonus was the pictures of the author, illustrator and the actual caretaker of Koala Gardens at the end of the book. She loved hearing about them just as much as the story itself. And I feel I have a zoo trip in our future in hopes of seeing some beautiful koalas.

Cute, endearing and a fun story all around...this was the perfect children’s book. And hopefully it will have humans thinking about the impacts on nature and our animals. Hopefully this will be a series. We would love to see more adventures with Mist. 5 Stars.

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