April 24, 2019

4*Review: THE QUEEN OF TRAITORS by Laura Thalassa


Author: Laura Thalassa

Source: KU


They say I am a queen.
They say I married a monster. That I did so willingly.
They say he cannot die, that he does not age. That together, we rule a ravaged world.
They say I used to be one of them, but now I am a traitor.
They say many things, all which I cannot remember, but …

I fear what they say is true.

Then there is what they don’t say, what I see in their eyes—
The king terrifies them. He cannot be stopped. And, most worrisome of all …

He is coming for me.

My take…

At my back, several soldiers approach. I take in the handsome man on the other side of the screen a final time. “Whoever you are, I hope you were worth it.” After all, torture and death are still on the table for me. I hope the Serenity who had a past was satisfied with it.

Starting off where we left off, Serenity cannot remember anything about her past, let alone the recent weeks being married to the undying King Lazuli. She has to work through the memories and her grief if she is to ever allow the King back into her life and heart.

While I did love this story, it drove me batty most of the time. Serenity had finally gave in to her love for Montes in the last book, but with The Queen of Traitors we have to constantly watch her fight her ever present feelings for him. All in the name of the dead that he had killed.

But after finishing, I am not sure how I feel about that ending. I am however looking forward to what the next book brings. And honestly, these 2 books are the first in forever that I have blown through in 2 days. So props for keeping my interest and giving me some beautiful romance that absolutely melted me. These two have a chemistry that I haven’t seen in some time. 4 Stars!!

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