July 19, 2019

4*Review: FIRE DEVIL by JL Bryan


Author: JL Bryan

Source: eARC for honest review


Ellie's pursuit of a possessed friend and her own worst enemy takes her across the United States into forgotten corners of the countryside through haunted hotels, ghost towns, and strange highways, and toward the site of a horrific fire haunted by hundreds of spirits. 

Together with her team, plus help from an eccentric exorcist from Texas, she prepares for the fight of her life, a fight destined since her own childhood. 

Ellie's past and present collide in a final confrontation that will give her a chance to finally be rid of her most dangerous personal demon—if he doesn't kill Ellie first, along with the people she cares about the most.

My take...

I have adored this series from the very start a mere 11 books ago. But I was not crazy about this one. It actually pains me to say that. I am still giving this book 4 stars because the first and the last parts. It was the middle that I just did not like. It was a lot of nothing and sort of boring as well. 

But I still love this series and will still happily read whatever Bryan dishes out for Ellie. Because while I didn’t love this book, I still care so much for Ellie and her friends. And we do get an amazing conclusion to the whole Anton Clay nightmare. Bryan finished this one off spectacularly. 4 Stars!

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