July 23, 2019

5*Review: MOLTEN by Lila Felix

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for honest review


I don't let my bear out. She's a menace. The last time I did, I was kicked out of my foster home and placed in a group home. 

Then I met Pine. He belongs to a clan. He changes to his animal at will. He tells me I'm his-that he and I are mates. But that can't be. Things like this don't happen to girls like me. 

I've never been told I was loved. No one has ever wanted me around before. 

Maybe I've finally found a place to call home--with Pine. 

The Bayou Bear books are upper YA/New Adult Shifter Romances based in Louisiana where hot bear shifters are always on the lookout for their mates. 

My take...

Raise of hands of who is glad to be back in the land of Lila Felix shifters? 🙋🏻‍♀️ This gal for sure. It has been some time since we last left off with these guys and I sure have missed them and missed being out on their clan’s land mixed up in all their lives. 

In MOLTEN we meet Meadow who becomes mated right off the bat with Pine. Don’t you just love all their names? Meadow not being raised to know her inner bear has a lot to learn after becoming newly mated. And Pine is just the man to show her their ways. The two are absolutely adorable together as they try to navigate through new terrain. 

This series is one of my all time favorite shifter reads because of the way Felix crafts her stories and constructs some the most amazing romances ever. Pine doesn’t disappoint in all ways romance. He has his mate now and he is not about to let anything come between them. Even his mate. 

MOLTEN was beautifully written, absolutely intense, and had me giddy for the next book in the series with that ending. 5 Stars! 

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