January 24, 2020

5 Star Review: STRINGS OF THE MUSE by Kristi Ayers


Author: Kristi Ayers

Source: eARC for review, KU


After rescuing a fellow college student from threatening weather, Max, a singer for a campus rock band, finds he wants to know more about the girl, whose haunting beauty and sad demeanor appear to be hiding secrets.
Losing his father destroyed Adam, causing him to drink to numb his pain, until one day he sees his high school crush at the campus coffee shop, making him wonder if second chances were fatefully possible.
Holland wants to focus solely on her violin and college courses, but playing one song in front of two best friends opens more than just a door; it opens two hearts and a tidal wave of emotions.
Can three college students learn the power of letting go and allowing the strings of life to guide them in the right direction? Find out in Strings of the Muse.

My take...

STRINGS OF THE MUSE tugged at the strings of my heart in all the right ways. What I loved most about the story, was something I wasn’t too sure of at first. You see, there was 3 POVs. And with the way the story was starting out, I was sure I would hate reading 3 different takes. But honestly, it had me loving the story even more. We got 3 different stories and it absolutely made the book extra special and the characters even more so. In the end, I was happy to see a certain character got his happily ever after too. 5 Stars!

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