June 5, 2020

5*Review: ROYAL COMMAND by Stacey Marie Brown (book 2)


Author: Stacey Marie Brown

Source: KU



Everyone thought I was living the fairytale—marrying a prince and living happily ever after.

That only happens in movies.

I was actually living a nightmare. A gilded cage crushing my soul.

After a terrorist attack almost took my life and my bodyguard, Lennox, trapping us together, we were forced to face things we tried to deny. Feelings we could no longer ignore.

Leave it to me to do the stupidest thing possible—fall for my bodyguard. But there was no fighting our hunger. Our overwhelming connection.

It made me realize how much my life had been for others: my family, the royals…Theo. But once you are part of the royal family, you cannot just walk away. Especially when you find yourself engaged and being groomed to be the future queen.

With a King threatening me, Lord William blackmailing me, my uncle gambling away what’s left of our fortune, Theo set on our future no matter what, and vicious social media sniffing around wanting me to fail, I have to play the game. But secrets always seem to find a way of getting out, and it’s not just betrayal from those I love the most that shatter my life. It’s mine.

And the world wants to break what’s left of me. 

My take...

I stayed up until 4 am reading this blasted book, only to sleep for 3hours. I eagerly woke up the next morning and devoured it until the end. It was so bloody amazing. I love how the slow burn romance we experienced in ROYAL WATCH became a raging inferno between Spencer and Lennox in ROYAL COMMAND. The story was everything and more. It had me in all the feels and wondering how on earth they would be able to find their way to each other and it all work in the end for everyone involved. With everything that happens, are happily ever afters even possible? 5 Stars!!

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