June 6, 2020

5*Review: TIED by Carian Cole

Title: TIED

Author: Carian Cole

Source: KU


My childhood and innocence were stolen when I was kidnapped at five years old. For eleven years I clung to my childhood fairytale books, waiting for the prince I hoped would someday save me and carry me off to a happily ever after.

I had no idea my savior would come in the form of a scarred recluse, covered in tattoo's, who can't--or won't--speak a word.

But the moment our eyes met I knew he was the one. My prince.

Tyler Grace is haunted by his tragic past and he's sentenced himself to a lifetime of solitude in the woods. He's as lost in society as I am; scarred just as much on the inside as the outside. Just like me.

He saved my life that day he found me and killed my captor with his bare hands. I was warned to stay away from him. But I can't stop thinking about him. I ache to hear his voice and see him smile. And I want nothing more than to be the one to break through his walls.

I think he's the only one who can break through mine, too.

Together we can have love, happiness, and a closeness that once felt impossible to have. But can we overcome the horrible twisted past that ties us together?

My take...

I started TORN because it was an age gap romance. But I stuck around and read TIED because I fell in love with this author and her writing.

I was a bit hesitant to start TIED because I wasn’t sure how I felt about Tyler from the little we saw and knew about him in TORN. So if that is also what is stopping you from reading this one, throw those fears out the window and get his book. It was so good!! I knew instantly I loved Ty and his uniqueness.

Great storyline, an amazing slow burn romance, and 2 brilliantly broken characters...this book was perfectly done! 5 Stars!

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