February 8, 2014

Novella Review: SLIP THE SKIN by Tera Shanley

Title: Slip the Skin

Author: Tera Shanley

Source: eARC from the author

When Linden Ashby steps out with a secret and one last night to live it up with friends, a chance meeting with a dark stranger will change her life forever. Bikers, barrooms, brawls, and legends. Linden will face them all for a second chance at time.

Graham Hayes is at the tail end of a long shift as a bodyguard when he encounters a mysterious woman in red. Intrigued, the wolf inside can’t help but notice something is wrong with her, but the human in him doesn’t care. Determined to give her peace, Graham Hayes will walk the arduous line between protecting his pack, and protecting her heart.

A Lycan Novella.

My take... 

I fell face first in love with Shanley’s LOVE IN THE TIME OF THE DEAD simply because 1. It’s about zombies. And 2. She is a fabulous author. I love the trip she took us on in that one and the characters she introduced us to. That is definitely one book I will always look back on as one of my more favorite ones.

And that leads us to SLIP THE SKIN. When Shanley asked if I wanted to read her little novella about Lycan’s, I figured what the heck. And completely glad I did. It was a quick read and a fun one too. I am rating it 4.5 stars simply because some parts seemed too rushed. Yes, I know it is a novella, but you don’t take becoming a werewolf like it is everyday conversation. “Oh I am a were? Good to know.” To me that was just too rushed and I would have liked a little bit more of a freak out.

Other than that, the story was great. I really wish it would have been a longer story. I could definitely see more story wanting to come out. Like these characters had more to give. But all in all, I really enjoyed it and thought that Shanley’s writing was spot on. Great writing, great story telling, great characters. Like I have said before in my review of LOVE IN THE TIME OF THE DEAD, I will absolutely be looking forward to more of Shanley’s work.  

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